Our brands

Malatec is a brand, which offers a wide range of products so we divided them into departments to facilitate identification: Malatec for Home – home products, RTV, household appliances, furniture and accessories; Malatec for Garden – garden products; Malatec for Kids – toys, child use and care products; Malatec for Sport – sports equipment, fitness accessories; Malatec for Leisure – touristic products; Malatec for Tools – tools; Malatec for Pets – zoological products.


Kaminer is a brand, which offers broadly understood products related to heating and fireplace. In the KAMINER offer you can find products such as: Fireplace vacuums, Baskets for fireplace wood, Trolleys for fireplace wood, Fire screens, Fireplace equipment, Fireplace gates, Fireplace, blowers, Oil and electric heaters, Wood cutting stands, Grills, Industrial vacuums. The buyers of Kaminer brand products are shops and warehouses with fireplaces, hardware and tool shop chains as well as online shops.

Soulima is a brand, which includes cosmetic products. Currently under Soulima we distribute popular exfoliating treatment for feet and needle mesotherapy devices.

Orders and offers

With regards to orders and offers please contact us at the e-mail addresses given below:

MALATEC, KAMINER hurt@maxy.pl

SOULIMA info@soulima.eu